Social Events


Medieval experience and dinner (2 August 2023)
It will take place in the Olde Hansa Restaurant 20:00-23:00


The Olde Hansa Restaurant is located in the very heart of Tallinn Old Town, it is approximately a 8-minute walk from the venue through Tallinn Old Town. Find the route here!


Olde Hanse live according to the old Hanseatic customs, which are expressed in every act and every little detail of the servants, the current dwellers of the house. Everything that you see, hear, taste or touch, has been made by the role models of 15th century, so the traveling visitor entering the house will find themselves in the wheel of time, led by ordinary servant folks as their guides to complete your medieval experience.

Olde Hansa restaurant is dedicated to bring you all the wonders of medieval kitchen and spirits what drinkmasters have created.


During the feast 17 delicious dishes will be brought to your table.


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Festive dinner (3 August 2023)

Festive dinner will take place in the Seaplane Harbour 20:00-23:30.


The Seaplane Harbour accommodates one of Europe’s grandest maritime museums. You are invited to see the authentic submarine Lembit from the 1930s, the century-old steam-powered icebreaker Suur Tõll, a Short 184 seaplane replica, mines, cannons and many other life-sized exhibits. The museum and the Seaplane Hangar have been recognised with a number of awards: Estonia’s Most Tourist-Friendly Museum 2012, Europa Nostra Grand Prix 2013, Special Commendation from the European Museum of the Year 2014, and a number of others.

The Seaplane Harbour museum is a memorable experience: lots of interesting reading, a voyage around the world in the Yellow Submarine, photos taken in naval uniforms, the big aquarium, the simulators and many more exciting activities.

The Seaplane Harbour, including the Seaplane Hangar, was built to become part of Peter the Great’s naval fortress 100 years ago on orders from the Russian emperor Nicholas II. The architecture of the Hangar is remarkable, featuring the world’s first columnless thin-shell concrete domes of such volume. The building was used for seaplanes until the Second World War!

  • The buses to the Seaplane Harbour departure from opposite of Viru Sokos Hotel from 19:30 to 20:00.
  • The buses from the Seaplane Harbour to Viru Sokos Hotel departure from 23:00 to 23:45

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